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An automated reporting system recording over 300,000 products per month.


Recording directly from the output of the test station, to a suite of live real time reporting tools, allowing maintenance techies to fix problems before they become issues, allowing managers to report detailed results and allowing process engineers to improve process parameters.


Running multiple products and models, with a through put of approx. 70,000 product per week.

  • All testers Genrad/Teradyne 228x
  • Multiple fixtures per product
  • Failures recorded to component level
  • All passed recorded to collect yield information


Perl script on teradyne/genrad, C# file processor to populate MS-SQL database, separate c#/Crystal Reports application for reporting.

  • Failure by Component/Nail/Family/Model/Fixture
  • Trend history.
  • Targeted fixture repairs, saving cost and time, that would have been impossible without the system.
  • Real time compilation of stats and reports giving visual feedback of process improvements.

Registered in England No 6485396  Q-Engineer Ltd. 66 Moorside Crescent, Fishburn, Stockton on Tees, Cleveland, TS21 4DJ

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