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Reporting Systems - Get what you want when you want it!

Data is King

Collecting the correct data for your business can be a demanding task, it is all to common to not collect the correct type of data for the business decisions that need to be made. There are many things to consider when designing a database data structure to store your data, it must be as small as possible, comprehensive, resilient to data contamination, fast to search and future proof.

Our experience in database design extends from simple employee time monitoring, right through to an automated capture of details from 300,000 products per week, using industry standard SQL databases allows industry standard query methods.

Capturing data is only half the battle.

Reporting figures within a production environment is of critical importance, however in our experience it is usually implemented as an afterthought. We have the solution a software, database and reporting system that is exactly tailored to your processes and system.

  • Fully Automatic reporting from Ganrad/Teradyne
  • Quick and easy data entry for manual processes.
  • Highlighting top 10 failures by component, within group (fixture or product)

Reporting systems allow you to finely control your processes and monitor any performance gains while highlighting your problem areas. Reports defined around the measure and analyze sections of your 6-Sigma DMAIC implementation prove to be invaluable, as can sales and yield reports.

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