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ICT Fixtures

ICT fixture maintenance programs, giving testing consistency and piece of mind.

Our maintenance schedule program is aimed at keeping your ICT fixtures in perfect running order, pin wear, dirty contacts, broken vacuum seals and general wear and tear all take their toll on your fixtures, increasing false-fails and costing you time and money.

With our maintenance program you get:

  • Reduce false-fails
  • Reduce break-fix repairs
  • Increase yield and through put.
  • Hold all repairs and schedules in our custom build database, showing the history of the fixture, parts.
  • All fixture manufacturers (EPS/Forwessun/Everett Charles/In House)
  • Part replacement often exceed manufacturers specs.
  • Maintenance carried out at your site, at predefined intervals.
  • Outlay gives better budget planning, knowing exactly how much your maintenance costs will be.

Silver Contract

  • Evaluate all fixtures, and enter into our database.
  • Collect information on volumes and pin counts.
  • Refurbish all fixtures and bring up to standard.
  • Define appropriate maintenance schedule.
  • Pricing is based on maintenance only, all parts replaced are not included.

Gold Contract

  • As Silver Contract, except that all wear and tear parts are included.
  • Fixed price allows you more exact budget planning.

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