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Customer configuration made easy.

There was a repair center, repairing approximately 35,000 products it was split into 15 models and multiple configurations of each model. They required a application loading and configuration system for all of their customers, software modules were required to communicate with all of the different models, different clients had differing requirements for the application and configuration, the operators were of a minimal skill level, so the whole operation was required to be automated.

A few different scenarios on a per customer basis

  • All units have same application.
  • Units from different sites have different application.
  • Different units from certain sites have differing application/configuration.
  • A unit coming in for repair is sent back as same configuration.
  • A refurbished unit is shipped to customer, with the same configuration as a unit that will be sent back by customer.

The solution involved a SQL database, .NET front end and various modules that communicated to the devices, it was designed in such a way that as new products came on line and a new module was written to communicate to the only additional step was to populate the database. From the outset the whole application was designed to be multi-lingual, with all prompts being held in the database.

The finished solution removed the possibility of customers getting units that were not configured. The automatic software loading and configuration allowed an increase in speed by over 100%. Any operator was able to perform customer configuration, with virtually no training and without error.

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